Vertex AQ Aletheia DAC

Vertex AQ Aletheia DAC

The Aletheia DAC designs are systematically engineered 16 bit, non-oversampling (NOS) DACs of superlative performance.

To understand the Aletheia DACs we need to first remember the core principles behind all the Vertex AQ products. Vertex AQ’s USP is focussed on the reduction of system interaction faults caused by RFI/EMI and microphony. In essence, systems will pickup, generate and pass around large quantities of RFI, EMI and acoustic vibration, which adds significant amounts of distortion to the hi-fi’s output. The Vertex AQ products significantly reduce these effects, bringing huge gains in performance. The idea of Aletheia is to take the ‘Systematic Approach’ inside the box and down to all the individual internal processes.

ALetheia DAC housed in a UnioBox 3

The Aletheia DAC is housed in the UnioBox 3 extrusion with 10mm thick front and rear plates. The front plates features milled details and recessed screw ports. The front plate has been digitally printed.

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