HDMI Extender Board

HDMI Extender Board

The Raspberry Pi is a small credit card sized computer designed for use in the education sector to encourage programming and electronic engineering. Due to its versatility it soon became used by industry as a cost-effective solution for any system requiring a mini computer.

The Raspberry Pi however was not designed to be housed in an enclosure. The problem is the Pi boards feature connectors on three sides, as illustrated below, which makes housing it difficult in a rugged industrialised enclosure.

HDMI Extender BoardExtender plugged in Raspberry Pi 3

After seeing the difficulties in housing Raspberry Pi boards, this lead us to develop a solution, the result of which is the HDMI Extender board. It plugs into the micro USB and HDMI connectors and turns them through ninety degrees resulting in these connectors being on the same plane as the USB and Ethernet ports.

The HDMI Extender board stands alone in the marketplace as the only solution that turns the micro USB and HDMI connectors to ease the housing of the Raspberry Pi

This has enabled us to house the Pi in our E Case range of aluminium box extrusion and has opened up a wide range of markets as the E Case can be surface, DIN rail or 19” rack mounted. The E Case range also allows for the expansion of the PI by allowing room for the addition of a HAT (daughter board), if required.

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